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Why SignIQ?

Intelligent technology that converts data into real-world personalised

customer experience is what will define the future of retail.


Challenges faced by

the modern retailer

Technology has shifted the balance of control away from the retailer to the consumer. The modern shopper expects personalised in-store experiences.


The data needed to support such efforts is often fragmented, uncoordinated and inaccessible and it is costly and slow to manually create effective content to influence shopper buying behaviour in the store.



The SignIQ solution

Using advanced data and design automation, we help our customers create, execute, measure and improve in-store sales conversion with unique store & customer-centric content with real-time store pricing and offers.

A powerful tool for 

merchandising & marketing teams

SignIQ provides a new powerful tool for Marketing, Digital & Merchandising teams to simultaneously schedule and execute across stores to any customer touch-point and track in-store activity.

Create & roll-out promotions in minutes

Dramatically reduce the time to market for new print and digital promotions by automating the content production, distribution & scheduling based on real-time store offers & marketing rules.

Store managers can be empowered to respond in real-time to local competition.



Reduce production,  printing & logistic costs

Reduce costs involved with the creation, production and distribution of digital content and the printing & logistics of centrally produced promotional ticketing.


Store staff spend less time producing &  setting up comms which leads to more time for customers.

Measure and improve your campaign success

Measure the effectiveness & attribution of in-store advertising with real-time visibility of all printed and digital publishing activity that includes what was published where and the attributed sales.

Enforce brand consistency across all of your stores

Ensure all printed and digital in-store advertising is brand compliant, as well as pricing and regulatory compliant, across a network of stores.

Monitor & track  compliance across all of your stores

All printing & digital activity is recorded and can be reported by date, store, user, template, promotion etc.

Proactive monitoring & notifications of display device status and overdue store printing.

Simple and easy to use

Easy, simple and quick to use with minimal training required for store team members. 


Reduce internal support costs and training with fully customisable in-app support that walks users through the system step-by-step.

Over 15 years experience & trusted in over 7,000 stores

Through working closely with the marketing, store operations and IT departments of leading national retail brands, we have gained real insights into the needs of the retail industry and this continues to shape our rapidly evolving technologies and services.



We're here for you

We handle the set-up and onboarding for you and provide a dedicated Account Manager and a local phone support team. 


SignIQ is adaptable and can be customised and tailored to work in a way that suits your individual business.


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