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How it works

SignIQ's patent pending technology is an enterprise-class, cloud-based Shopper Conversion Platform that delivers the performance, security, usability and business agility required by even the largest retailers.


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Live retail data from any source

Integrate data from a number of data sources to create a single true source of all store product information, images, pricing & promotions.


Automated intelligent merchandising rules

Live monitoring of product information changes and events to automatically apply merchandising rules to determine what, where, when & how to advertise products.


Intelligent dashboard

for easy channel management

Printed tickets and digital content is automatically batched for stores in an easy to use dashboard, broken down by due today, future and completed tasks.


Automated content with design intelligent


Dynamic design based template rules ensure automatically generated content is the same quality as content created by a human designer.


Automatically publish content across multiple channels

Simultaneously and automatically publish real-time content across multiple advertising channels.


Advertising compliance

with real-time activity reporting

Real-time visibility of all printed and digital publishing activity that includes what was  published, how, when, where, why and by who.


Measurable and actionable insights

Target customers with personalised content based on sales attribution, customer tracking and business insights.


For more information about our Enterprise Solutions


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